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pedocs - RSS Feed for latest publications (alert service) Info
  1. Select the length of the newsfeed: "Anzahl der neuesten Veröffentlichungen". If you have selected a few topics only and will frequently check your feed, 50 is a high number. If you will check the newsfeed less often or have selected several topical fields, 50 is a low number.
  2. If you wish to limit the feed to particular document types, please select these.
  3. Please select only those topics you are interested in. You can check the site: /klassifikation.php?la=en&klassifikation=dgfe if you wish to know what topics are most frequently used.
  4. Please activate the button "Individual-Feed abrufen".
  5. Your web browser should present a website with links and descriptions relating to the latest entries. You can store the site, as suggested by your web browser, as a (specific) bookmark. Whenever you access this bookmark in the future, you will receive links to the latest publications in pedocs.

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Or you can also create your individual newsfeed (alert service) for your web browser:
If you do not make any alterations to the setting, you will receive all latest publications for all topics.

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