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TitleEuropas Bildungsgeschichte. Ursachen des Gemeinsamen und des Unterschiedlichen?
SourceTertium comparationis 12 (2006) 1, S. 5-23
Keywords (German)Formale Bildung; Bildungsgeschichte; Bildungswesen; Informelles Lernen; Rechtsgeschichte; Kunst; Europaidee; Europäische Identität; Europäische Kultur; Europäisches Bewusstsein; Nationalismus; Architektur; Europäische Union; Europa
sub-disciplineHistory of Education
Document typeArticle (journal)
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review statusPeer-Reviewed
Abstract (English):What we regard as common interests or differences in European education depends quite strongly on our conception of 'Europe' and our ideas of 'educational history'. On the one hand the culture of Europe was and is perceived from quite different national or professional perspectives. On the other hand educational history includes different periods and content areas if one looks either at formal or at informal education. Here some informal and formal learning effects on European attitudes are considered. How their importance and overlapping changed at different times as well as in different sectors and areas will be exemplified. Probably informal learning ist much more influential than formal education to common interests and differences in Europe although it gains much less political, educational and public attention. These dichotomies are discussed with reference to long-term developments and short-term politics in Europe. (DIPF/Orig.)
other articles of this journalTertium comparationis Jahr: 2006
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Date of publication03.01.2012
Suggested CitationSchleicher, Klaus: Europas Bildungsgeschichte. Ursachen des Gemeinsamen und des Unterschiedlichen? - In: Tertium comparationis 12 (2006) 1, S. 5-23 - URN: urn:nbn:de:0111-pedocs-148184
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